Voice of the Industry


Commercial card insights from RPMG leadership have been quoted in US Senate hearings, the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, CNN Money, CBS News MarketWatch, American Banker, Business Finance, CFO, Treasury and Risk Management, Financial Executive, Credit Card News, Cards International, Credit Card Management, & Federal Times.

What major North American card issuers say about RPMG reports:
  • RPMG benchmarks are always helpful and are used in card program performance reviews and growth targets.
  • The RPMG report format presenting key information in an easily digestible format.
  • Getting RPMG information … helps us to ensure our customer’s card program is on the right track – from successful supplier enrollment campaigns to creating success for card users
  • Information provided by RPMG concerning constantly evolving payment technologies …is incredibly valuable to our customers
  • Identifying key categories for card use has helped our clients prioritize performance targets.