Important Instructions to Complete the Survey

You have two options to participate in the survey: (1) complete the survey online, or (2) download, print, complete, and mail a paper copy of the survey. Each method is discussed below.

The Web Survey
This is the easiest and recommended option for survey completion.  The guidelines for completing the survey are explained below. Choose this by going HERE and clicking "Start Online Survey".

Navigation through survey. After completing the questions on a page, click the "Next" button (at the bottom) to move forward through the survey. You can go back to the previous page by clicking the "Back" button. If you make any changes while reviewing a previous page, please use the "Next" button to go forward and save the changes you made. Please avoid using your browser's backward and forward buttons--instead, go back and forth between survey pages using the “Back” and “Next” buttons at the bottom of each page. 

Rules for data input. There are a few simple rules for responses to the survey, as follows: 
  • With the exception of a few required questions, if an answer to a question is unavailable for any reason, or inapplicable to your organization, simply leave the item blank and move forward. 
  • Do not write text--including "n/a" or "unknown"-- in any box that requires a number for an answer.
  • Throughout the survey, do not use dollar ($), percent (%), or number (#) signs in response boxes.
  • Questions denoted as “Required” must be answered to continue on in the survey.
  • It is important that, once you have answered all the questions in the survey, you click the "Submit Survey" button on the last screen.
Input errors. If there has been an error in your input (for example, a person puts 110% as an answer to a question that cannot logically have an answer greater than 100%), then after you hit the “Next” button, the browser will show an error message and automatically scroll down to place the erroneous answer at the top of your screen. Please correct the answer as directed and hit the “Next” button to continue.

Completing the survey in multiple sessions. We highly recommend completing the survey in one session. However, to complete the survey at a later date, click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page adjacent to the “Next” button.  Once you click the “Save” button, you will be given a new survey link to continue the survey at a later time. Please make sure to save this new link for future reference.  However, if you need to retrieve your survey continuation link, please send a request to senior analyst James Brandt (, and your link will be sent to you within 24 hours.  This continuation link will start the survey from the page where you left off.    

Corrections. If you need to make any corrections to your previously submitted survey response, please send the request to senior analyst James Brandt (, and your changes can be accommodated.

Time to complete. The 2018 Electronic Accounts Payable Benchmark Survey is an in-depth questionnaire that generates an in-depth analysis for all respondents. Most of the questions can be answered by the program administrator with simple checkmarks or by providing general program statistics. While it varies for respondents depending on how readily available information is at the organization, previous survey respondents have averaged 49 minutes to submit their response. 

Due date. The last day to submit a survey response will be Monday, April 30, 2018.  Please plan accordingly. 

Hardcopy Option
To complete a paper version of the survey, please click here.

Contact and Questions
If you have questions, please check out our FAQ which summarizes common survey-related issues.If you have any other questions about the survey, RPMG Research, or these instructions, please contact senior analyst James Brandt (