Frequently Asked Questions  

Is there a cost to participate?
No. The survey is free to participate. The only cost is a little bit of your time.

How long does the survey take?
While it varies for respondents depending on how readily available information is at the organization, previous survey respondents have averaged 49 minutes to submit their response.  

What does my organization get out of participating?
Over the past 18 years, our benchmark surveys and reports have provided organizations with detailed descriptions of current trends and best practices for maximizing the benefits of commercial card products.  These reports are free of charge to any organization representative who completes the survey.  For more information on the benefits of completing the survey, go here.

Will my organizationís private data be published?
No.  Information collected during the survey will only be published in aggregate with all identifying information stripped away.  In addition, your information is protected by a strict confidentiality agreement seen here

Can you provide some background information on RPMG Research Corporation?  
Yes.  RPMG Research Corporation has been in business since 2000 and has conducted and published eighteen major reports on different types of commercial cards (purchasing cards, travel cards, and virtual cards or EAP).  Our studies are regularly endorsed by Visa, MasterCard, several card-issuing banks, as well as the National Association of Purchasing Card Professionals.  The leadership team of Dr. Richard Palmer and Dr. Mahendra Gupta have decades of experience serving the academic and financial service industries.    

Do I have to complete the survey all at one time?  Iím not sure my schedule will allow it.
No.  You may save your progress during the survey, and receive a personalized continuation link to the survey.  The link will allow you to continue the survey from where you left off at a later time.  If you need help at any time, please let us know.

Do I have to complete the survey online? I would prefer to see all of the questions and think them over.
No.  We do offer a hardcopy edition of the survey that you may print out, complete, and send back to us.  For more information on that process, please visit this page.

Is there a deadline to completing the survey?
Yes.  You may start the survey at any time, but the last day to submit your answers is Monday, April 30, 2018.  Please plan accordingly to complete the survey by that time.  If you need help, please let us know.

Iíve completed the survey, but I need to correct one of my answers.  How can I get back into the survey?
Once submitted, you will be unable to access your survey responses.  However, you can correct any information necessary by contacting senior analyst James Brandt (

What if I need help taking the survey?  What if I have other questions not answered here?
If you need help during the survey or have any questions about the survey, RPMG, or our reports, please contact us at You will receive a response within 24 hours of submission.