Benefits of Participation  
In recognition of your time and effort, all organizations completing this survey will receive an electronic copy of the 2018 Electronic Accounts Payable Benchmark Survey Results free of charge (a $4,499 value).  

The 2018 Results will include current market information and expert analyses that will provide your organization with: 
  • Benchmark norms that will support a "segment-specific" self-assessment of performance and rationalize dialogues about financial incentives, 
  • "Best practice" insights and customer commentary to assist in the development of strategies to optimize spending and derive the greatest value from EAP, 
  • Market trend information to add depth in the case to top management about the benefits of EAP, and 
  • Information that assists in the "day-to-day" management of administrative activities and control choices associated with EAP.
In addition to the current survey results, you will receive:
  • A PDF copy of the 2015 Electronic Accounts Payable Benchmark Survey Results, downloadable immediately upon submission of the completed survey, and
  • Any early response incentives identified in your invitation letter.
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